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"The Central Coast Wine Classic's arrayof extraordinary artist bottles is a manifestation of Candice Norcross' importance to our event! Candice Norcross in Nipomo has adorned a myriad of Wine Classic Commemorative bottles and the Classic Cuvees bottles, as well as the donations of a substantial number of Central Coast wineries, with her amazing etching and hand-painting.'

"Candice's speciality has become hand-painted reproductions of original and master artwork. Each one of her works in individually handmade, hand-painted, signed and numbered, further adding to the special nature of her creations."

"Candice is a comprehensively lovely individual, a special artist who we are proud to enjoy continually as a member of the Central Coast Wine Classic family. You will note that she was honored last year by the Central Coast Wine Classic for her continuing support and tireless efforts to assure the aesthetic and financial success of the event."

Archie McLaren Founder and Chairman~ Central Coast Wine Classic